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The Top 5 Companies to Watch in 3D Printing

3D printing is the future. Everybody’s heard the story, but the big names behind the industry are yet to become clear. Industry analysts are always gathering data on developments to the technology and? are making sure they know who will be taking the world by storm.

There are many competing to become the name that will be synonymous with 3D printers, here’s the full rundown on what companies to watch for in the 3D printing market: The big names making their mark in the industry of the future.


HP - The Top 5 Companies to Watch in 3D Printing

Hewlett Packard already has the knowledge to enter the 3D printing market, the current?HP cartridges?in?their signature inkjet printers layer liquid ink much in the same way 3D printers layer molten plastic.

HP’s arrival is eagerly anticipated by the 3D printing community. Speaking to industry experts, most are looking forward to the invention that the company’s ‘deep pockets’ can bring to 3D printing. In a recent statement confirming the company’s venture into the industry, one spokesman said the company’s new line of devices would focus on giving value to both consumers and industry professionals.


“This is the fruition of years of work.” That’s the sentiment of Bre Pettis, CEO of Markerbot, the Brooklyn based company who have led innovation in the 3d printing industry since the beginning.

Makerbot - The Top 5 Companies to Watch in 3D Printing

Makerbot are one to watch for their recently announced Replicator Mini, a compact 3D printer for the consumer market. The device carries the ability to connect to USB and Wi-Fi, and has a live stream that shows users the printing process via a built in camera.


3D systems are another company with its eyes on the prize when it comes to the 3D printing industry. The South Carolina based company focuses its innovation on speed, and simplifying the process of printing for the consumer market.

3D Systems

Now, in partnership with Hershey’s, the company is bringing perhaps the most exciting development to 3D yet, printing edible food. The ‘ChefJet’ prints edible sugar and chocolate treats, and is expected to retail at a price below $10,000.


As usual, nobody needs solid evidence that a device is even in development by Apple in order to get all excited about it. All we need to know is that the California based company has recently filed a patent covering everything from an inkjet 3D printer to the outline of printing onto 3D objects.

Apple The Top 5 Companies to Watch in 3D Printing

With Apple’s long-standing history of innovation and subsequent domination within each market it turns its hand to, confirmation of Apple’s involvement in 3D makes it thoroughly impossible to ignore.


Another company setting its sights on the consumer side of 3D printing is Adobe, long-time giants of the creative industries. The company that once revolutionised the core nature of the graphic design industry wasn’t going to keep quiet on the 3D front for long. Now, Adobe is entering the market by adding 3D printing support to their signature Photoshop software.

Adobe The Top 5 Companies to Watch in 3D Printing

It may not sound like much, but the changes mean that by using the company’s creative cloud software, users can render complicated designs on their PC before transferring directly to their printer, without ever leaving Photoshop.

With big names and big budgets bringing out the biggest ideas over the coming years, it’s anybody’s guess who will come out on top. Rest assured, there’s an amazing future ahead for 3D printing.

Image Credit: ShutterStock

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