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Nothing impossible: J.K. Rowling from single mom to the world’s most successful author

Harry Potter series are well-known across the globe, but almost no one knows the incredible story of the author behind the story, J.K. Rowling. J.K. Rowling took a steep pathway to success proving that nothing is impossible. With zero start, she quickly became one of the richest women and most influential woman in Great Britain within five years.

Rowling’s zero status can be traced back 7 years after her graduation. This is the time when she saw herself as a failure where she had a failed marriage and have no permanent work to support her young daughter. The failed marriage caused her to suffer clinical depression to the extent of contemplate suicide.

Trying to survive, she worked as an English teacher in Scotland. In order to get the post, she had to take a one year course to acquire the further postgraduate certification. Within this period, she rely only on the benefits through the state welfare support.

Nothing seems impossible to Rowling even if she carried commitment as a single mother. Toward finishing her first novel, Rowling only managed to write when her daughter, Jessica falls asleep. She sometimes had to take the alternative and tire Jessica out by taking a walk. She would bring her to different cafe and playgrounds, only then she can resume her writing. She undeniably understand the struggle of being a single mother.

Her first book from the installment, entitled Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was initially rejected by 12 publishing houses. However, she did not give up her hope. With much patient and dedication, her work managed to catch the attention of a small publishing house owner Barry Cunningham. He agreed to publish the book, thanks to her eight-year-old daughter who loved reading the first few pages then immediately requesting the follow-up texts.

Since then, Rowling received several grants and subsequent installments were successfully released. In 2000, the fourth installment entitled Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, broke the sales record of UK and US. Rowling’s fame rises when she continued The Harry Potter fantasy series and won several book awards. From then on, she became a highly sought for writer that propelled Rowling into becoming a huge success. Her books were later adapted to famous Harry Potter film series.

This zero to hero story of J.K. Rowling proving that nothing is impossible towards realizing your goals. Whether it be on writing or in any other fields, keeping the passion alive provides enough fuel to continue the drive. Zero start does not mean zero stop.

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