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How to Rate the Value of Photography Art

Looking at a photograph, it is not very easy to establish the value especially if one has no idea about the resources that might have gone into the taking and production of the photograph. Similar to all other forms of art, photography art must have a value especially when it goes into an auction gallery. There is so much effort that goes into the production of photography art. Before the audience can feast their eyes on a good piece, an artist has to cover lots of grounds especially depending on the photography type. Landscape photography and wildlife photography are just but some examples that require heavy investments in equipment and cash.

Production Quality Is a Major Concern

Taking photographs is a profession that needs some diligence. Once the photos have been taken, developing them into the photos that can attract attention and communicate as photos are meant to is a completely new aspect. One needs to have the best photo production studio to get the images captured into the actual photos that can get into the market. When determining the value of photography, it is essential to calculate the resources used and more so the quality of production. A photo that has been professionally taken using high tech cameras can turn out bad if the production is wanting.

The Photo-Printing Paper of the Photograph Is another Factor

Photographs come in many sizes. The larger photographs are obviously more costly because they use more material. Photo printing paper must be of high quality to get the best photography quality. When evaluating a photograph, these factors make up a good part of the value and one must consider them to get an accurate estimate. To make photographs more durable and smart, different materials can be used to print. Some are water resistant to make the photograph durable even when exposed to harsh external weather conditions.

Include the Cost of the Frame If Applicable

To make a photography piece distinct, many will give it a frame. The frame is designed to protect it from damage. Carrying around a piece of photography on a paper is risky because it easily gets folded and this significantly reduces its life time and even value. Frames can be made of different materials. Some people use special wood and others may even use different metals such as gold to improve value and to make their pieces to stand out. A costly frame can significantly improve the value of a piece beyond imagination.

Originality of a Photograph Is Important

No body wants to look at a monotonous piece of photography that everyone has in their homes. As a photographer, one needs to have originality and uniqueness to stand out. The way one takes pictures will make them stand out. Sometimes many photographers can shoot the same image only to end up with completely different images. This is because each photographer will choose a different angle to shoot from. Taking photos of the same thing from different angles can easily unleash a new image that you might not notice if you just take a straight from the front picture.

Reputation of the Photographer Also Contributes To the Value of a Piece

Some buyers at a photography gallery only buy items because of the reputation that the photographer in question has. This is applicable when it comes to all forms of art. Paintings from renowned artists also tend to attract more buyers and hence higher prices. The same situation is very true when looking at the value of photography art.

Featured Image Credit: Paintbrush with Oil Paint/ShutterStock

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