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How to Effectively Use Flyers for Your Business

Flyers are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for you to market your business. You can send them as direct mail; put them in the local newspaper; post them on bulletin boards; or give them straight to customers. Here are some tips on how to use flyers for your business effectively.

Test Flyers

Decide what goals you want to carry out with flyers. You may want to increase sales of one product, promote an event, or introduce new customers to your business. Research your target customer by looking through United States Census data online, going to your local library, and observing current customers using your product. Then create a flyer that appeals to your specific audience. Some people just need a small incentive to get them to try something new. Test your flyers before printing by hanging a few on windows or doors and asking customers and coworkers for feedback. Make changes if no one remembers the message.

Choose the Best Distribution Method

Direct mail costs about 30 cents per home, and newspaper inserts are around 10 cents each. You can target likely ZIP codes and neighborhoods for your customers. You can also distribute flyers on car windshields, at professional conventions, and at your business. Your existing customers may want to recommend you to their friends and family. Whenever you visit a professional convention or event, invest in an eye-catching vinyl banner from Printastic.com to attract new customers. You can also send a follow-up flyer to people who ask for more information about your business.

Keep It Simple

An effective flyer should have a simple, clear message that entices readers to action. You can’t fit all the things that make your business great on one flyer, so focus on a few items or services on sale or other features that set you apart. Use brightly colored paper and make sure there’s plenty of contrast between the print and the background. That way, people will notice the flyers quickly. Use one or two graphics with several different colors and good quality paper to make them even more noticeable, and make print big enough for people to see from a distance. Too many images could make flyers look complicated or cluttered.

Include Contact Information

A flyer won’t attract customers if they don’t know how to contact your business. Include as much contact information as possible. If your flyer says “Call now,” remember to include your phone number. If you tell customers to come to your store or visit your website for a free quote, give them a link or a physical address. Mention nearby landmarks like highways and shopping centers. You can even include a map to help customers from out of town.

Measure Results


How to effectively use flyers for your bussiness

Image via Flickr by photosteve101

To decide if flyers are an effective marketing tool, you must measure how they impact your business. For example, if your goal is increasing sales of an item, look at sales of that item before and after using flyers.

Without the right information, you could spend thousands of dollars to give tens of thousands of flyers to people who aren’t interested in your business. Doing a little research makes advertizing much more effective.

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