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Getting The Most Out of The Least with Our Minimalist Christmas Posters

The coolest minimalist movie posters are the ones that?really?catch your eye – and it takes a little bit of magic and patience to transform a lengthy film into one entertaining and tempting image.

It’s surely every graphic designer’s dream to be able to convey the look and feel of a subject with the least amount of pen strokes and graphic tablet nudges? But, paring down a film’s essence takes a?keen and skilful eye, and arguably requires far more work than simply throwing everything at the page.

So, with the festive season peeking its familiar head up from the snow,?the Interactive Design Institute thought they’d?give you a little minimalist design of?their?own to wish you a Merry Christmas, with?their?interpretation of that beloved 80s’?classic?A Christmas Story.

And, you can see the whole film in this one image! Little Ralphie and his rabbit costume drawing you into that festive film of wonder.

We hope you enjoy your holiday season, get creative and have a very merry Christmas!?Now, we’re off to watch A Christmas Story again!

A Christmas Story

Designed by Jessica Stoddard at?the Interactive Design Institute

Image Credit: Snowflake on the snow/ShutterStock

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