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Creating a Dual Web Design for Home Computers and Mobile Devices

Creating a website is easier than ever thanks to some great online tools. You don’t have to have any experience at all to make a great looking website in very little time.

But to keep up with the expanding market of mobile devices that people often use to browse the Internet, you should also consider launching a mobile version of your website. You can create both sites at the same time, giving you two great versions of the same website and allowing you to keep both up to date.

For Home Computers

Designing a website for home computers gives you the luxury of much more space and, when designing a regular website, you are under less pressure to make things easy to read. You also don’t have to remember to make links easy to click on a touch screen. But that doesn’t mean that your design can be lacking in any way at all.

If you are planning to create a website for a business, you need to make sure that your website is professional and up to date. You can do this by using a great website creator that provides a template for you. You just choose your template based on how you want the website to look and then fill in your content.

The template will also allow you to customize it, making fonts or colors different and adding images or photographs, like your company’s logo.

Going Mobile

Once you have a regular website created, it’s time to import that content into a mobile version. Just as you were able to use a template for your original website, you can find?free mobile website templates?online that will actually convert your regular website’s content into a mobile version.

These are also customizable and will allow you to make changes based on how you want the mobile site to look. This is the time to keep in mind that your mobile site needs to be easy to see and easy to use. Make font colors contrast with the background color of your website and make sure that any links or tabs are large enough that they will be easy to click with the use of a touch screen.

If you have any large files or images on your regular website, you should consider editing them from your mobile version, as most people use mobile networks on their tablets or smartphones and therefore can’t load pages as quickly as they can on regular computers. Remember to test your mobile site on a mobile device so you can make sure that it is easy to view and that all the functions and features work just as well as they do on your regular website.

To make the most of your time spent creating a website, create the regular version and the mobile version at the same time. Then make a habit of updating them at the same time, as well. Any time you need to make a change to the regular site, make sure you change the mobile site, too, so that both versions are always current.

Image Credit: Hand Press on Screen/ShutterStock

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