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Technology Archive

SEO Changes and How Businesses Can Remain Visible Online

Search giants, such as Google and Bing, have implemented technologies designed to defeat and penalize websites that rely on SEO keywords to attract Internet searchers. It’s essential to create an SEO strategy that navigates these tricky anti-SEO protocols. To overcome the challenge and rank high in search engines, you

BeoPlay A16 – B&O Concept by Alex PM

The BeoPlay A16 is a combination of crafts, audiovisual technology and digital entertainment. Designed for those on the move, the speakers are 16 cm in diameter and can be held in one hand. The speaker can be held in the horizontal position for an ambient sound or set vertical

Pilar: Physical Therapy Device by Entwurfreich

Patients who experience back pain from over-sitting are often prescribed fitness bands, exercise balls and other tools to aid in their physical therapy, but because of the lack of accountability, few follow through! Maybe Pilar: Physical Therapy Device by Entwurfreich will be the solution.

Know More About Android 4.4 KitKat

Based on a Linux kernel system, like previous generations of the touch screen operating system, Android 4.4 KitKat is the latest in a series of products designed to improve smartphone and tablet use.

Why Android phones are good for gaming?

The mobile phone is a device used by nearly everybody in the world these days, and for good reason as modern mobile phones have the ability to do so much more than their older counterparts. Take for example if you’re lost in a new city your modern mobile phones

Obento Pad By Rene Lee

This amazing concept designed by Rene Lee, this kind of sustainable design can improve the user’s experience. It can cover the functions of several devices so you don’t need to carry other devices with you.

New Awesome iPad by Apple

Apple introduced the most awesome products in the technology market. They always come up with something new that has never seen or experienced before. Introducing New iPad, it has 5 mega pixels camera and all other cool apps. Its affordable only price with $499. Great job Apple. Preview:

iPhone 5 Concept Rumour Photos

Below are some iPhone 5 Concept Rumour Photos. What do you think of these new iPhone 5 concept rumour photos? All these photos are made by different persons, they are thinking that iPhone 5 will look like this. Lets see what Apple will release soon.