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Resources Archive

HR and Software – HR Tasks Made Easier

Over the years, rafts of new regulations have running a business more complicated than ever. One area of business that makes most people’s blood run cold is Human Resources (HR). Taking care of employees is an important task and one that most business owners take very seriously, but it

6 Sources of Theft in the Digital Age

In the digital age, it won’t be your possessions that thieves seek out. It will be data about you that is most valuable. We already see this happening with database hacks like Sony or Salesforce. Security standards have made the priority list for many enterprise services, but is customer

5 Innovative Online Business Ideas

With the internet quickly spreading and tightening its grasp on the modern world, it is only a matter of time before everything becomes web-based.?The business sector has in particular been greatly affected.?Who would have thought that you?could?post?bicycles ads in India?and find buyers right from the comfort of your home?

Top Games For iOS

iPhones and iPads are heaven-sent for gaming enthusiasts of all ages. Nowadays, they can play free casino games online & for fun at Win.com even if they are on the go. The “iOS Revolution” has drastically changed the way video games are played. At present, there are so many