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Graphic Design Archive

LG Logo Redesign Concept by Design Boutique

This is an amazing concept for LG in a more modern and new way done by Design Boutique. Taking the old outdated LG logo and bringing it to the 21st century. We already posted about Design Boutique in our post New concept for Pepsi Logo. You can visit that

New concept for Pepsi Logo by Design Boutique

Design Boutique aim to provide the best services to their clients, starting with constantly updating the knowledge by researching the net, visiting international design shows, and reading the latest books and magazine issues (in every field: art, design, fashion, architecture etc.) combining this knowledge and the team’s collective past

Habaluc Branding by Gunter Schobel

Student work in collaboration with?IED Barcelona?and?Habaluc for a brand identity.?This amazing identity is designed by Gunter. Gunter is a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Barcelona and with Experience in Corporate Design, Flyers and Banners, Packaging, Web Design and Video and Motion Graphics.

Ice Cream Royale by Dominik Laurysiewicz

Ice cream Royale is a personal project done by Dominik for his personal portfolio. This beautiful piece of work is all about Photoshop magic. Basically it is mix of stock photos and few effects. Everything done in Photoshop with default brushes. Whole process took him few days which he

Audiofly Headphones Branding

Product designer and musician Dave Thompson decided to take on the big-guns of the audio industry in 2011 by launching an Australian headphone company. The challenge was to make this brand stand out on the global stage against competitors such as Skull Candy, AKG, Sennheiser and Monster. The product

rebox Corporate Identity by PAOLA FLORES

Rebox is an innovative and flexible full service set-top box manufacturer from The Netherlands. The logotype was carefully created to encompass and represent their brand’s philosophy. It embodies the idea of the meaning of rebox, creating a symbol that communicates the quality of their services and professionalism, maintaining a

Snakeye Branding by Alek Chmura

Snakeye – products manufacturer for adventure sports fans. The basic idea was to obtain the characteristic shape that/which is easy to transform into different forms presented on various media, without the loss of recognition of the trade.

Awesome Logos Designed by Luis Lopez Grueiro

Luis Lopez Grueiro is a graphic artist with more than ten years of experience in graphic design focused to advertising. He studied graphic design in Escola de Artes Pablo Picasso. Working for six years for a screen printing and promotional products business, He decided to work offering custom identity

12 Cheapest Brochure design for Download

Brochures are one of the important thing to promote and advertise your business. Most companies are focusing on providing unique ideas about their brochures. More good the brochure more advertise you get. A good brochure describes the good services and products a company has. Also PrintRunner custom brochures is

Infographic: International Internet Scam Hotspots

In our latest inforgaphic we take a look at international internet scam hotspots. Here are some of the highlights the infographic covers: The Internet Crime Complaint Center receives over 300,000 complaints each year. These internet scams amounted to a...