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Design Archive

Harnessing color to make your website design pop

Tired of seeing the same old blue, black and white websites everywhere? A well-designed site with a?bit of color can really make your company stand out. To use color successfully, however, you’ll need?to understand it. How will your target customers react to your choices? What are they looking for

Inspirational Interior Design Ideas to Imitate at Home

These days, many homeowners are interested in accessing interior design ideas that can help enhance the aesthetic appeal or functionality of their living space. However, many of these individuals are on a budget; thus, cannot afford the services offered by professional interior designers. If this is the case for

BeoPlay A16 – B&O Concept by Alex PM

The BeoPlay A16 is a combination of crafts, audiovisual technology and digital entertainment. Designed for those on the move, the speakers are 16 cm in diameter and can be held in one hand. The speaker can be held in the horizontal position for an ambient sound or set vertical

Pilar: Physical Therapy Device by Entwurfreich

Patients who experience back pain from over-sitting are often prescribed fitness bands, exercise balls and other tools to aid in their physical therapy, but because of the lack of accountability, few follow through! Maybe Pilar: Physical Therapy Device by Entwurfreich will be the solution.

Obento Pad By Rene Lee

This amazing concept designed by Rene Lee, this kind of sustainable design can improve the user’s experience. It can cover the functions of several devices so you don’t need to carry other devices with you.

35 Free PSD Flyers for Designers

An advertising or promotional printed sheet which help you to promote your business or work that is known as a Flyer. Today we have shared some absolutely awesome and 101% free flyer templates hope you like it. Download here. Download here.

PATRON by Gaze Olga

PATRON is not a commercial project and it is made by Gaze Olga. Tequila PATRON is made from exclusive sort of blue agave. Premium drink for gourmets. Three type of tequila in this project: silver, anejo and reposado. Image of capital letter of names was identified for each type


Ethically minded, Joco are all about equal amounts of substance and style. They care for your coffee as much as Mother Earth, and believe that environmentally safe materials combined with smart design are the best reasons to drink from their cups over plastic alternatives. Joco’s packaging follows the eco-mindset