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Beginner Tricks and Tips to Capture Movement in Photos


Capture movement in pictures is not an easy trick, especially when you?re starting to first use your camera and don?t really know your equipment that well. That?s why you need all the info you can get to achieve those beautiful lines on your photos.

Beginner Tricks and Tips to Capture Movement in Photos

There are two key factors to be able to get those desired pictures to display them in on a professional canvas print somewhere, first is the speed and the second a good tripod who will provide stability to your camera.


How to Do It

To achieve this technique, first you need to select a low speed in your camera so it has time to let enough light pass by, the lower the speed, the most light will enter and the more movement it will capture.


Stability is a key element when it comes to this type of photography, so you?ll need a tripod. In case you don?t have one, you can always improvise and use a steady object to put your camera on, such as chairs, floor, and windows edges or even create your own tripod if you?re the DIY type of person.


When you?re looking for movement in a photograph, but at the same time you want another object to be steady, in the case of sports photography or just to obtain a different result, you?ll need to use a technique known as panning.


For achieving such results, you need to select a place where you are far enough from the object that you want to photograph, so you?ll have more space to capture it and beware of any objects that may interfere your visibility. Then, you?ll have to pan the camera by moving it in the direction of the object that you wish to place still in the photo. You?ll need a tripod to do this motion without a doubt.


Show it off

Now that you dedicated so much time to learn this process, consider using these images for your home offices, desktop or even to create your own photographic blog and connect with others who might have a similar interest and can provide constructive critique or even give you some tips.


We have had great results with 4over4.com for our big?custom printed projects in the past, but the company also offers smaller printed objects that could help you give away your pictures on special occasion for relatives and friends.


There are great options to show off the results, we suggest looking?them up online for other original ideas on how to use pictures for decorations, but If what you?re looking for is attention from other peers, creating a profile in sites like Behance can give you a lot of attention and even drive traffic to your website or blog.



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