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Amazing Examples of Photography Business Cards

Photography is the combination of two Greek words; word photo means “light” and graphy means “drawing” in general photography means drawing in light. It is very common these days in every country every city you’ll find hundreds and thousands of photographers but not every photographer is experienced and popular.

As we know business card is the half identity of a person, everyone needs his business card to show people who he is. He don’t want to keep proving what he do only he need is to give them his business card and they’ll know him within seconds. As everyone need business card a photographer need a business card to and the fun thing is there is a huge difference between the business card of photographer and business man.

You have to believe it on your own, today on Inspirationi we showcased some amazing examples of photography business cards.

So be ready to feel the difference between business cards of photographers with these Amazing examples of photography business cards showcase.

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Business-Card-Design_43 Chanelle-Henrys-Business-Cards_24 Clint-Shuttlesworth-Photography_6 Daniel-V-J-Sweeney-Photography_4 David-Clifford-Photography_2 Dingbat-Letterpress-Card_27 Gary-Nevitt-Photography_81 Jared-Rey-Photography_71 Jason-Nugent-Photography_58 SONY DSC My-business-card_53 Nathan-Jones_35 Optimum-Photography-Business-Cards_37 photography-business-card_34 Photography-Business-Card_36 photography-promo-cards_57 Scott-Lawrence-Photography_20 Sexy-Business-Card_26 StockPodium_1 Swedish-Photographer-Card_39

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