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4 Decorating Tips for Hanging Photography

Framed photos are a great way to display photography, such as family photos and artwork. In general, most people frame photos, place them on the wall, and then leave them to gather dust. This isn’t going to draw attention to the pictures you’ve taken, and it’s not going to add to your home’s décor. Instead of taking the traditional route, display your favorite images in new and interesting ways.

By utilizing the following techniques, your guests will find themselves captivated by your photography.

1. Create a Photo Grouping

A large collection of photography showcases your abilities, as well as creates an eye-catching geometric pattern. Photo groupings can be made with family photos, collected photographs, or scenes you’ve captured yourself.

Better Homes and Gardens recommends that you paint the frames the same color, and that you practice first by laying the frames on the floor or a large table. “Measure the size of your wall and begin to play with the pictures until you find an arrangement you like. This way you are free to rearrange as many times as desired without having to fill in nail holes.”

2. Brighten Up Your Photography with Picture Lights

Picture lights put framed photos on display, which will draw the attention of visitors. The lights can be hung above and below photographs, depending on your preference and what you’d like to highlight. Cocoweb.com features a variety of these?picture frame lighting options, such as gallery lights, slim lights, adjustable lights, and traditional lights. The lighting you choose is dependent on the photographs you’re hanging, and what size and color scheme you’ve decided on.

3. Purchase or DIY Gallery Shelves

When there’s no room on the wall for hanging photographs, gallery shelves are the next best option. They’re inexpensive, and they look amazing. Many stores offer this type of shelving at a discount. Alternatively, you can seek out DIY instructions on websites, such as Pinterest and Apartment Therapy.

Gallery shelves are very appealing. They draw the eye of visitors, and they can display a collection of photographs. There’s a number of ways to decorate them, including placing a large framed photograph, and surrounding it by smaller similarly-framed photographs. Or, you can display a variety of differently shaped frames. It’s up to you how you decorate this timeless classic.

4. Surround Photography in Eye-Catching Frames

Frames don’t have to be completely uniform (meaning they’re all exactly the same), but they should share some similar characteristics. Frames can be the same color, or the same shape, or have some other defining characteristic. This is necessary because it’s oftentimes the frame that first draws the eye.

Because frames play such an important role in displaying photography, it’s important to choose frames that are eye-catching. You could opt for a funky color, or go for something classic, such as hardwood or hearty plastic. Another popular option is vintage frames, which antiquate the room and exude a traditional design aesthetic. You can find discounted frames at thrift stores and flea markets.

Showcasing your photos can be truly rewarding. The first compliment you receive on your excellent photography and decorating skills will have you aching to hang more. Although it’s wonderful to share what you’ve created, it’s also important to be self-editing. Always remember that less is more when it comes to decorating. If you have more pictures you want to display, simply swap out older photographs for something new. This way, guests to your home can always expect fresh photographs, and you won’t have to worry about old photos gathering dust.

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